Resto Review: Brasserie Central (Westmount)

We weren’t that hungry when we first walked into Brasserie Central. But the inviting terrace and the curious black and white but warm decor lured us in.

There’s a large table in the middle of the restaurant that seem to keep the balance of the whole space. They keep track of the reservations on one end and slice prosciutto and the baguette here. It’s so nice to see the waiters do their work out in the open. I guess it gives the feel of transparency; a type of honesty on the part of the staff.


It must be lovely to be sitting in this place at night. Especially with the large glass window giving in to the kitchen staff in action.


The plan was to order everything on the tapas menu. Unfortunately they didn’t have the duck and we weren’t too down for oysters this day so we got everything else..

(apparently the duck is phenomenal. do try it when you go!)

IMG_0198 Delicious baguette crispy and chewy to perfection with the  salted butter that melts in your mouth… YUM


From the top left to clockwise: baguette with italian sausage and quail egg; fried cod; baguette with tomato and prociutto.

Everything was unique on it’s own.
Each had a good balance of seasoning, fat, and freshness.


We were supposed to stop at the tapas, but the food was so good we ordered the scallop and the cod (the main dish) from the menu.


The purée accompanying the cod was really good. I believe it’s cauliflower purée. I liked the fact that the fish and the veggies weren’t too seasoned or flavoured since the purée was salted enough to create the balance. But others may think otherwise.


As dessert, we had the caramel covered pudding with vanilla ice cream. Doesn’t seem like much but it is SO good but it will fill you up so beware if you are full from the meal!

I will definitely return to Brasserie Central and the next time I go, I’ll be trying the burger as ALL the other tables were feasting on one everywhere I looked.

The food was great but the service and decor made it an experience.
I loved my stay in this friendly restaurant 🙂

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